Ontotext (OT) and Semantic Web Company (SWC) — two voices advocating the value of knowledge graphs for organizations dealing with large amounts of diverse data — announced a strategic partnership.

Together, the companies will be able to meet the highest requirements of enterprise architects such as deployment, monitoring, resilience, and interoperability with other enterprise IT systems and security. Now users will be able to work with a feature-rich toolset to manage a graph composed of billions of edges that is hosted in data centers around the world.

“With highly complementary portfolios, a partnership between our companies is a natural fit, and clients will certainly appreciate the benefits of this compatibility when it comes to meeting their needs, especially during times when staying agile is so necessary,” said Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext.

For the market, the spillover benefits from these two companies working together is sure to bring even greater momentum to knowledge graph management, and for clients, a partnership like this will enable enterprises to discover and make use of advantages and unlocked potential hidden away in knowledge they already have.

“This partnership will offer superior support for all three loops (users, experts, automation) along the entire knowledge graph lifecycle — from requirement gathering and data discovery, to development, usage, maintenance, and evolution,” said Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company.

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